Visioning & Development Opportunity Studies

Moving from the drawing board to a completed project requires an experienced development team who can answer important questions and explore fitting opportunities. Owners often have several concerns before beginning a project: Where do I start? What should I build? Will the project be profitable? Meakin Waxman provides the necessary research to help clients make informed decisions, including potential demand for various uses, risks, and existing and future competition. Before beginning a project, Meakin Waxman strives to fully understand clients and their goals, including how a project might complement a larger portfolio or lifestyle. With a creative and thoughtful approach, we’re able to craft developments to meet varying needs, desires, budgets, and timelines.


Acquisitions, Feasibility Analysis & Financial Modeling

Meakin Waxman can assist owners in various stages of the acquisition process, including raw land, underutilized sites, updating and renovations, or full turnkey annuities. We can also help owners in all aspects of selling or disposing of land, including 1031 Like-Kind tax deferred exchanges, and replacement properties. For each project, we provide in-depth financial modeling and analysis to ensure financial viability, and leverage our extensive network to connect clients with trustworthy professional partners who will help maximize returns.

Shaver Street Vision

Shaver Street Vision

Finance Planning & Business Arrangements

It’s important to ensure your investments align with your goals. Meakin Waxman maintains an impeccable track record for connecting investors with successful projects. Clients come to us for assistance with all aspects of project funding: financial modeling and analysis, contract negotiations, and coordinating all documentation. 

Design & Construction Management

A building’s design can have a direct impact on its financial viability and long-term sustainability.

Meakin Waxman has a discerning eye for style, and a precise methodology for managing the design process. We work up front with the entire design team and architects to choose a feasible plan that incorporates requirements and needs, including size, function, and energy usage.  

After finalizing the design plan, it’s time to bring the vision to life. Meakin Waxman helps source reliable partners, and manages the construction process to ensure the project finishes on time and on budget, with the design integrity preserved. This includes all regulatory requirements: zoning, permits, and other entitlements.


Sales, Leasing & Stabilization

A beautifully designed building is nothing without its tenants and customers. Meakin Waxman assists in all aspects of new tenant installation, from lease negotiation to the grand opening. We leverage our decades of experience to help tenants feel at ease in designing and constructing their new space, and can expertly coordinate the various teams, agents, and representatives involved in the process. Whether it's a restaurant, retail, medical, or commercial office, we tailor each approach to ensure our clients and their tenants are set up for success.