Meakin Waxman was founded to extend private development services to portfolio real estate investors.  Whether collaborating on complex public/private ventures or sailing the Pacific Northwest, the close teamwork between Jim Meakin and Loren Waxman has led to a career of success while safely navigating the development process.  The firm helped shape and restore neighborhoods in all corners of Portland while cultivating strong relationships with development partners, community organizations, and civic leaders.

The two founding partners met at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon and since have combined their talents for the arts and sciences to create visionary projects that are grounded in financial fundamentals.  Whether you’re looking for aesthetics and materiality or Return-on-Investment, Meakin Waxman has you covered.

Driven by passion, Meakin Waxman has built a reputation for expertise in Portland’s development community. 

Meakin Waxman offers a full range of advisory services including acquisitions, financial analysis, project development, financial arrangements, tenanting and sales. Meakin Waxman strives to mitigate risks.  Whether your working through environmental issues on the front end or tax strategies for transitioning between properties, we have the experience to make sure you’re on track to meet your goals.

Jim Meakin received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Lewis & Clark College in 1991. A San Francisco native, Jim grew up watching his city evolve. This insight and knowledge provided a springboard for interest and a keen eye in real estate with a proven track record. In addition to his fine arts degree, Jim honed his artistic vision and love of aesthetic working in boat yards on vintage boats and at the SF National Maritime Museum Association. In 1994, Jim formed Brook House Properties Inc., a construction firm specializing in restoring vintage homes. He served on the Portland’s Bicycle Transportation Alliance board from 2006-09.


Loren graduated from Lewis & Clark College with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology.  He founded Waxman & Associates, Inc. in 1993 — a full service real estate development company. His experience includes environmental cleanup, historic structures, public-private partnerships and regulatory navigation. Loren served two terms on the City of Portland’s Design Commission, has been a juror for several international design competitions and was recognized by U.S. Department of the Interior for new construction in a designated National Historic District.